• Bank of England warns EU exit likely to hurt UK economy
  • Pensions watchdog drops plans for EU-wide capital regime
  • Israeli brothers bring TripAdvisor model to world of funds
  • Record number of UK energy users switch to small suppliers
  • RICS house price index hits nine-month low as EU vote nears
  • Economists united: Brexit would damage UK - Reuters poll
  • UK banks plan to boost lending to households but not firms
  • Investor interest in UK rental property slumps ahead of tax change
  • UK inflation hits 15-month high, boosted by airfares
  • UK consumers slow their spending in March
  • Scotland moves against wealthy gentry dominating land
  • EU backs separation of asset managers' research and trading costs
  • UK employers ease permanent staff hiring as EU vote unsettles
  • UK watchdog tells asset managers to be clear on strategy
  • UK house prices rise at fastest annual pace since mid-2014
  • Brexit uncertainty to limit gains in FTSE 100 - Reuters poll
  • Britain's new minimum wage feeds in to Brexit debate
  • Eyeing Brexit and Trump, British funds cut equity holdings to five-year low
  • G20 regulators to propose rules for asset managers in the summer
  • UK house prices rise at fastest pace in a year, Nationwide says


Elshaddai Money training is all about the money!

Teachers & money matters

What are you doing about teaching money matters in your school? If the answer is "nothing" or "not much", you are on the right website. Let us help you get ahead of the game.

Many people are in financial trouble as a result of poor decision making, due to ignorance. As a teacher you can change that. You can increase financial knowledge of children from an early age, so they are equipped to make informed financial decisions when they are older.

To choose a package ideal for your school, please go to our services page and contact us. 

Community groups

According to the survey conducted by Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS), more than eight out of 10 people with debt problems say their financial difficulties are having a negative effect on their lives, jeopardising their personal relationships, health and ability to carry out their jobs. The charity further said 10% of those with debt problems said they had told no one, citing shame, embarrassment and a difficulty to "acknowledge that you are an adult and unable to manage your finances" as reasons for their silence.

We acknowledge that money matters are personal, so we offer an array of bespoke workshops to local community groups on numerous money related topics. Topics covered in these sessions are: How to open a basic bank account, how to produce a household budget and how to avoid unnecessary debt.

We will tailor workshops to your needs. Please go to our services page (near bottom of page) for further details, then contact us.